Secrets Of The Spiral Symbol Left By Ancient Civilizations

Secrets Of The Spiral Symbol Left By Ancient Civilizations


Secrets Of The Spiral Symbol Left By Ancient Civilizations


One of the most puzzling geometrical designs found elsewhere is a spiral found on countless rocks, sculptures, boulders and ancient cave walls worldwide.

With some kind of a strange and almost obsessive frequency, this symbol is repeated in paintings and all kind of woodwork found in legacies left by the world’s greatest ancient civilizations.

It’s also the same geometrical design that can be found in photographs of many galaxies. Many theorists believe that the Universe was formed as the result of the explosion of a primitive, gigantic atomic nucleus. Their fragments expanded throughout the cosmos in the form of a double spiral.

But the key question is: How could our distant ancestors have known the structure of the greater number of galaxies? And another important question is: Has the spiral been unquestionably adopted in various parts of the globe to symbolize space, the Universe and… the Creation?


For many civilizations that disappeared like for example, the Celts, the double spiral, sculptured, engraved or drawn on stone, was the symbol of the creation of the Universe, and such can be found carved on many stones of the tomb-sanctuary at Newgrange, Ireland.

ancient spiral symbol

The 3.2 m long Newgrange entrance stone, dated to circa 3200 BC is covered with multiple spirals. It is located in County Meath, Ireland. The tri-spiral motif is carved on the wall of the Newgrange’s passageway.

Kerb stone New Grange

However, a spiral pattern is much older; it was carved long before the appearance of the Celts in Ireland. For the Maori people of New Zealand, this symbol symbolizes growth, development and new beginnings. It dominates in the Maori’s facial tattooing.

Of all the decorative patterns of the Maori, especially one is very intriguing: the double spiral (the spiral with a clockwise and counter-clockwise movement).


Today, if we ask the Maori about the significance of the “double spiral” symbol, most likely, they try to give any enigmatic answer, either, because they simply do not have the original explanation, or because the last of their initiates (if he still exists) refuse to reveal “the spiral secret”.

But the “double spiral” secret does not belong to the Maori people; it’s the common secret.

hohokam ancient spirals

A Hohokam petroglyph can be found in the Saguaro National Monument, AZ. and it is believed that the carved spiral represents the water symbol.
What’s the true connection between this carving and the Hokoham culture which occupied the region of present-day Tucson and Phoenix, AZ.?

The spiral, a magical symbol, was once carved on the rocks of Sahara, in the times when this region of the world was an immense green garden and it was very long time ago and the breast of Astarte, the ancient Phoenician great goddess of fertility, motherhood, and war (the counterpart of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar) is depicted with spirals.

double spiral Tassili

The spiral is also discovered on the elaborate vestments of the Orochi (Oroki), a small indigenous nation of the Far East (Island of Sakhalin and the mouth of Amur river). However, the spiral motif that dominates a wide variety of cultures has different meanings.

The spiral motif on the ritual chalices of Hazor, the Canaanite center of northern Palestine, famous in the nineteenth century BC – had a different meaning than a prominent, spiral pattern on the Danish shields and ornaments dated 3000 BC.

ancient spiral symbol

Prehistoric petroglyphs in Colombia are covered with both clockwise and counterclockwise spirals and most of them have been discovered at altitudes lower than 2,600 meters above sea level.

But it is impossible to date the first rock spirals which can be found everywhere on the North American mounds, in the Amazon jungles, in Peru and Colombia and in many places of Europe.

ancient spirals in France

Many North American Indian cultures associate counterclockwise spirals (starting from the center) with the concept of rising, and the clockwise spiral with the concept of descending.

Today, it is impossible to date the appearance of the first rock spirals, which can be found everywhere in the famous North American mounds, in the deepest realms of the Amazon jungles, in Peru and Colombia, and across Europe, like for example, those discovered at Isturitz, in southern France.

Scientists estimate that the patterns, at least 20000 years old, are probably associated with solar symbols. But it can be also a pure guess, nothing more.

Spiral Maori

“It was the era of the serpent!” we hear in the songs of the natives of mysterious ancient Arnhem Land in Northern Australia. …

“The serpent which was man, the serpent which flies in the skies…”

It’s about the Creation myth, the story of human race, never forgotten by the aborigines but also never recorded by them.

It’s about the origin of the symbol of the spiral because in the beginning was the egg, the so-called cosmogonic egg mentioned in the religions and beliefs of many cultures worldwide.

First version of this article was originally published on August 14, 2014

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